Internships & Industrial Visit

Steps under campus recruitment

All our courses have compulsory internships. Internships are meant to provide a practical exposure. The interns learn a lot during this process. Many a time these interns move on to becoming a full time employee according to the level of hard work and dedication they put into the work. Most of the company’s try and absorb the interns because they are already aware of the work and the company need not put in extra efforts towards their training.

Internships offer a various occasion to students during internship programs to expand familiarity in their area of work, to find out what is the importance of specific line of business, develop professional networks, build interpersonal skill or get some credit points. Employers too benefit from an internship arrangement as it gives access to interns with some skills to execute relevant tasks for the employer. Many of them end up with permanent service with the same organisation in which they are interned. Their worth to the organisation may be greater than before by the fact that they require modest or less training. An internship may be compensated, not compensated or some time to some extent paid. Internship: Internships are conducted for a minimum period of 3 months. There will be a person in charge to guide them. They are expected to learn the work and at the same time be hardworking. Participating in an internship allows an intern to get a perspective on potential employment once they are done studying. It helps them to apply the concepts that they learned in their classrooms. Such exposure creates a smoother transition for Interns from the classroom to the work-station.Thus an internship after the logistics courses is a must.


• Most of the internships are remunerated in the form of a stipend.
• The interns receive masterly level training under the guidance of a technical expert.
• The internship is one of the best methods of getting specialized training at the workplace.
• During the internship program, interns work in the real situations of the work, as such, they do not find any difficulty in performing jobs elsewhere as an employee.
• They are exposed to the real situations of the work. The direct contact between workers and work creates an interest in the job
• The Interns are placed on the job. During such time they learn things step-by-step. On successful completion of the work, they feel satisfied, develop self-confidence and interest in work

Industrial Visit

Industrial visits are considered very important in professional courses as it actually provides an insight into the real working of the logistics company’s. Apart from the bookish knowledge the students must be aware of the challenges in the organizations and the ways to deal with it. We take our students for an industrial visit so that our students are well equipped with all the aspects of the industry.

An exposure to real life industries is very important for the students. Students learning must go beyond academics, where they can develop insights, critical minds and obtain Practical knowledge as well as theoretical applications. The main objective of industrial visit is to enable the students to better visualize what they have learned in the classroom to the real industrial situations. Students also have the opportunity to see what are theactivities in the logistics industry. The expected outcome of these visit is that student engagement in learning can be improved outside the classroom. When exposed to the real life industry, students learn that not only targets must be met, but the ethical and social responsibility are also important aspects that need to account for by the industry.

Purpose of Industrial visit

• To interact with the people working in the logistics industry.
• To make them about the procedures in the logistics industry
• To understand and experience the working conditions
• To get an idea of the various departments
• To prepare the students in selecting their career path.